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Project Description

Munachimso is currently in her third and final undergraduate year in the Sophie Davis Biomedical Education Program at the City University of New York (CUNY) School of Medicine. In the fall of 2018, she will continue at CUNY Med as a first-year medical student. As an aspiring physician with a budding passion for neurology, she is interested in addiction research within many contexts, from the nuanced pharmacology of opioids, to the likelihood of relapse and overdose. Furthermore, Muna hopes to explore opioid use as it relates to women, and to assess potential sex differences in risk factors and consequences of opioid addiction. One of TRACCs newest scholars, she has been working as a volunteer research assistant in the Opioid Laboratory at the New York State Psychiatric Institute, under the mentorship of Dr. Sandra Comer.

Muna has a deep curiosity about addiction, from the perspective of physiology to that of policy. In her dedication to interdisciplinary and lifelong learning, she was drawn to the TRACC program for its emphasis on translation, the transfer of knowledge from laboratory findings to health solutions. Ultimately, she looks forward to her research in addiction as a medium that will inform her actions as both practitioner and health policy advocate.