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Dr. Suzette M. Evans is a Professor of Clinical Neurobiology in the Department of Psychiatry at The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Columbia University, and a Research Scientist at New York State Psychiatric Institute. She received her undergraduate training Syracuse University (1981) and a doctorate from The University of Chicago (1987). Following completion of a two-year postdoctoral fellowship at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Dr. Evans worked at the Addiction Research Center of the National Institute on Drug Abuse until 1992. In 1992, Dr. Evans joined the Department of Psychiatry at the College of Physicians and Surgeons, and was a founding member of the Division on Substance Abuse at the New York State Psychiatric Institute. Dr. Evans has a long-standing interest in assessing the behavioral effects of anxiolytics, including benzodiazepines and alcohol. Her second area of interest has focused on the stimulants, including the ubiquitous drug caffeine, cocaine and amphetamine. Over the past thirteen years she has focused her major research interests on women and the menstrual cycle. Her expertise in this area has been woven into other projects and grants within the Department.

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