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Project Description

Ashley Saint-Fleur graduated The Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education at the City College of New York, with her bachelor of science (BS) and a minor in English. Ashley’s interest in studying addiction and substance abuse was set in motion when she began working as a clinical research assistant in the Roosevelt Hospital Emergency Department. Witnessing the declining health and regular visits of substance abusers sparked her interest in researching what causes a person to return to a clearly harmful substance, as well as the physiological changes that accompany addiction. As an aspiring primary care physician, Ashley is working toward receiving her MD and working in an underserved area, particularly among racial/ethnic minority groups who experience disproportionate consequences of substance abuse. One group that Ashley is particularly interested in includes those acculturating to the US. She began developing an interest in this group after studying the health problems that particularly affect linguistically isolated households in her community. As such, Ashley plans to pursue her research interest in the area of substance abuse linked to acculturation stress with the goal of developing primary interventions. Ashley worked under the mentorship, Dr. Deidre Anglin, researching the social and cultural determinants related to psychotic symptoms. Currently, Ashley is at the New York Medical College completing her medical degree (MD).