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Dr. Anna Konova is an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry in the Department of Psychiatry, University of Behavioral Health Care, and the Brain Health Institute at Rutgers University. She completed her PhD with Rita Z. Goldstein at Stony Brook University and Mount Sinai, investigating brain imaging markers of cognitive and reward functioning in human cocaine addiction and addiction treatment with an emphasis on multi-modal neuroimaging of the structure, function, and connectivity of the brain’s decision-making circuitry. In her postdoctoral research with Paul W. Glimcher at NYU, Dr. Konova used methods from computational and decision neuroscience to investigate the behavioral and neural mechanisms and factors that impede or enhance recovery in opioid use disorder. Dr. Konova’s research at Rutgers focuses on risk and resilience factors in addiction escalation, recovery, and treatment. This work combines neuroimaging, computational modeling, and cognitive paradigms to examine how motivated learning and decision making is shaped by contextual and emotional influences that give rise to maladaptive behavior characteristic of addiction. Of particular interest are behavioral and neuroimaging markers that can directly inform clinical care and have most recently approached these questions using intensive longitudinal designs in real-world clinical settings. See more at her lab website:

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