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Project Description

Alina Shevorykin is a graduate of the Mental Health Counseling Master’s program at the City College of New York. Her academic career has spanned three disciplines (Economic Analysis, Linguistics, and Psychology), three languages, and three very different cultures, giving her a uniquely multicultural and interdisciplinary perspective. Her research has focused primarily on understanding and modifying addiction and other negative health behaviors. Her interests include cognitive aspects of addiction (i.e. attention and memory) and intervention design. Alina has worked as an Adjunct Instructor in the Psychology Department at CCNY and as Project Coordinator for the study “Racial/Ethnic Differences in Marijuana Cue Reactivity”, alongside her mentor, Dr. Lesia Ruglass. Under the mentorship of Dr. Ruglass, she examined the association between symptom severity and cognitive aspects of addiction among cannabis and nicotine users. Currently, Alina is a PhD candidate at Pace University.